USE the IBS trigger diary and complete it as honestly and accurately as you can, take your completed diary to your doctor to assist with accurate diagnosis and, most importantly, TREATMENT.

Talking about IBS or “bowel issues” with a doctor can be a daunting experience: see our TIPS section for “Talking about IBS with your doctor”



Daily rituals:
connecting the dots to living better

Once you have been diagnosed and your doctor has discussed treatment options with you, remember that it is essential for you to now maintain your daily rituals to live better.

Each day is your life in miniature. We are what we spend our lives doing. The words you speak, the thoughts you have, the food you eat, the actions you take – all of these things build up to define your future.

Cultivating good habits is the way to make your life healthier and more fulfilling. And crafting daily rituals centred on what’s important to you and what makes you happy is the way to nurture those habits. They are the building blocks to better living.

Starting your day at full speed only leads to STRESS and IBS.

Therefore, find the time not only to do things you should be doing but also the things you love:

Rituals that are a burden are counter-productive. Make the things you look forward to doing into daily rituals. They will enrich your life.

As you continue to practice your rituals, your attitude shifts and they become habits – it’s then that the positive rewards kick in. Good habits are as addictive as bad habits. Sticking with them allows you to get more from each day, and as a result, more from each week, month and year – more from life.

Start your own daily rituals by first looking at your diary. If your schedule doesn’t match up to your deepest values, start making changes. Make appointments with yourself to exercise, be with your family, read a book, walk the dog, do some gardening – whatever it is you really want to do.

Once you start to connect the dots between stress and IBS, the difference that comes into your life will be incredible. Days pass quickly into weeks and months into years. Let this year be one you can be proud of – not a forgettable one of standing still.